I was reading an article on Askmen.com where they listed their top 10 sports rivalries of all time. Weak list. Very weak.

Here is their top 10 (beginning with #10--followed by my take on each):

10. Red Wings/Avalanche...I agree that it's become a good rivalry but hardly worthy of the top ten, IMO. Not enough tradition.

9. Bears/Packers. That one would have never even crossed my mind if I was making my own top 10 list.

8. Knicks/Heat. Huh? I know they've gone at each other but is it one of sports' greatest rivalries? Hardly.

7. Canadiens/Maple Leafs. I'm not enough of a hockey fan to weigh in on this one. I have no reason to poo-poo this choice, though. I can see how it would be a very intense rivalry.

6. Steelers/Cowboys. Yes...I guess. But for history and tradition...I'd put the Steelers/Browns ahead of this one.

5. Yankees/Red Sox. I'll agree. It's a good one.

4. Redskins/Cowboys. How many intense rivalries can one team (the Cowboys) have? Yes, it's a good rivalry...but there are many others that are way bigger, IMO.

3. Lakers/Celtics. Good one. Not near what it used to be (back in the day). Bird and Magic brought that one to a whole new level. But now...it sure ain't what it used to be.

2. Florida Gators/FSU Seminoles (football). The second greatest rivalry in all of sports? Are you kidding me? It's a good one, to be sure. But #2 on the list? Uh....no.

1. Duke/North Carolina (basketball). Hard to argue. Definately goes in the top 10. Not sure it's number one but it may be close.

To me, a rivalry must include intense hatred on each side. I don't see that in all the choices above.

Here are some that I think are obviously missing:


Alabama/Auburn (football)

and the biggest, most intense of all time, IMO, Ohio State/Michigan.

the link to the article.

Your thoughts?