Opening Day reminder: Just because you have a parade, that doesn't mean you get to win.

All other things being equal, would you vote Alex Sanchez into the Hall of Fame?

The worst part is, they could erase Bonds' records from the 2000 season and the Reds wouldn't have won any more games.

Or maybe that's the good news.

What if there were steroids in the spit that Gaylord Perry put on the ball? Huh? What about that?

How many years would you be willing to spend in last place to rebuild the farm system so you could eventually spend how many years in contention?

How much would lettuce cost at Kroger if Bob Castellini wanted to do both of the above at the same time?

Somebody should come up with an All-Options Team of the best players who aren't in the majors because of options.

Why do they say a player has options when the player has no choice?

How come nobody thinks about splitting up the righties?