NEWPORT, Ky. - "Wandering Wanda" the wild turkey just doesn't want to get caught. The bird is still on the loose within city limits in this northern Kentucky suburb of Cincinnati despite efforts by net-wielding residents and city officials.

Newport code enforcement officials have been trying to catch Wandering Wanda - a name PNC Bank workers gave the bird - for about two months.

"We are going to continue to try and pursue it and try and keep the public from getting involved," code enforcement director Brian Steffen said.

Steffen said the city is discouraging residents from helping with the turkey chase, especially after two men went after Wanda with a net in a parking lot and almost caused an accident.

PNC Bank employee Marintha Knight said someone else this week tried unsuccessfully to catch the turkey with a blanket.

"He eventually had enough and left," Knight said.

And Wanda might not be the only turkey in Newport. Newport Plaza worker Bethany Walker said two wild turkeys blocking a doorway made her late for work this week - she waited 20 minutes for them to leave instead of trying to scare them away.

"Every time I walked to the door, they would start doing a turkey noise," Walker told The Cincinnati Enquirer. "I called my district manager to say I was late to clock in because of wild turkeys."