I received a post card today from DTV telling me that my regional network no longer has the rights to bring me the Reds games as a Home Team, and I can find them on channels 734-749 with a sub to MLB EXTRA INNINGS. I live in Memphis Tn and the Reds for as long as there has been a MLB Extra Innings has been considered a Home Team for the Memphis Tn area, along with the Braves and Cardinals. I have been able to sub to the sports channels and watch the games on 638 which is Fox Sports Cinn. I call DTV and they cannot tell me who the blackout teams are for my area (amazing IMO). I was wondering if anyone else that has been blacked out in their area, that live outside the cinny area received such a card. I do not want to pay 160.00 for MLB Extra Innings and then see the famous This game is blacked out in your area flach across my screen. MLBTV.com is still showing the Reds as our Home team, but the rep there said DTV may have changed the markets. ANother ? is on the free preview do the games black out in the 700 channels. Any help or words of wisdom would be appriciated. I want to see as many Reds Games as possible and if they have indeed dropped from the Memphis market that means I will get far more games with MLB extra innings. But since no one at DTV seems to know what teams will be blacked out here I am stuck as to what to do
Thx Ted