I posted this on the non baseball forum and it didnt get to many looks.

I'll be at almost every Reds home game including Opening Day. I work for Cincinnati Bell. I take the pictures for the Reds Fans of the game. I need about 20 people for opening day all of the pictures will be posted on Cincinnatibell.com where if you print them and bring them to a store you can get discounts.

I'll be giving away Keychains with flashlights on them and im pretty sure we'll have t-shirts as well.

I'll be wearing an I-Wireless T-Shirt with a Tie on it. So if we see me stop by get some free stuff and get your picture possibly put on the scoreboard... 4 will be put on the scoreboard the rest will be online. I'll be walking all around the stadium so keep your eyes open. Thanks everyone. Have a good opening day