Reds fans embarrassed the hell out of me today. Adam Dunn misplays a couple of wind blown balls... and a good majority of fans booed him? That's embarrassing, and it's a shame that our best player continues to be underrated by his home fans.

When he dropped that flyball in the first inning, you could hear some boos. Then he hits a sac fly and homerun and of course the fans want to cheer. But then comes trouble in the sixth inning. Dunn misplays a couple of balls that were caught up in a heavy wind, and that is when the boo birds came out in full force. From that point on, whenever Dunn touched the ball the fans would give him a bronx cheer for catching it.
Now, I know Dunn had a rough day in the field, but that doesn't make it okay to boo your best player. I can remember back when Cincinnati Reds fans were considered the most knowledgeable fans in baseball. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Outside of this board you just don't find those knowledgeable Reds fans anymore.

I highly doubt anyone on this board participated in the booing, but I just wanted to bring it up and see if ticked anyone else off that our best player was being booed for a couple mistakes.