If we loved them more would they play better?

The Reds should have put up more three-pointers there at the end.

Adam Dunn has played 531 games in leftfield better than he did that one.

Now the Reds will have to go 81 and 80 the rest way of the way to finish at .500.

But they have to keep their ERA under 7.00 to have a chance.

Do you know the name of the team that Who, What and I Don't Know played for?

This game should be final proof that sac flies are random.

Right now would be a good time to sign Dunn to an even longer contract.

Bob Castellini said he wouldn't rest until the fans are happy, but the Geneva Conventions limit how long a person can be made to go without sleep.

Maybe he's on the phone to the sabremetrics company to order a new batch of numbers.

Of course, fans in Cincinnati have been spoiled ever since that year the team went undefeated.

That's why we're on the yelling, stomping, kicking-the-dog and going-Elvis-on-the-TV-set side of the scoreboard.