I realize that Reds fans are depressed about yesterday's opening day loss, but, hey, they have had worse opening day defeats. So they gave up 16 runs-in '77 they surrendered 24.
That was 1877, when the Reds began the season by losing 24-6. I haven't been able to determine whether or not President Rutherford B. Hayes threw out the ceremonial first pitch.
The 1877 Reds went on to a 15-42 record, finishing last. The Reds were disbanded in mid-season, with the club declaring bankruptcy, and didn't play for three weeks, before new ownership rescued the team.
During the 1877 season Candy Cummings pitched for the Reds. He is sometimes credited with inventing the curveball. Greg Rhodes and John Snyder have speculated that Cummings invented the hanging curveball in 1877, since he went 5-14 for the Reds.
Now, does everyone feel better? Things were worse a mere 129 years ago.