I bought a Reds program at the game yesterday and as I came across the 2006 player development and scouting directory page, I found an interesting name on it. Luke Prokopec is listed as the Reds Australia scout. I can remember when the Reds signed Luke a few years ago. He became a top prospect after putting together a great minor league career. After being promoted up to the Dodgers, he put together some solid starts before struggling and being traded to the Blue Jays.

After the trade to Toronto, he struggled mightily with the Blue Jays and it was later discovered that he need shoulder surgery. The Jays decided to cut ties with him...and the Reds ended up signing him. He never even threw a pitch with the Reds and ended up having a few more surgeries. I thought he had just retired or signed on with another team. I was surprised to see him listed as the Reds Australian scout, but I like it. I don't ever recall the Reds scouting Australia under Jim Bowden or Dan O'Brien.

The Twins have signed a few players out of Australia the past few years, so hopefully Krivsky can do the same with the Reds.