It's only one game, and I still think this team can have a .500 season or slightly better, but I just see no fire and passion in this team. I just see this nonchalant attitude that drives me crazy. Last year, Sean Casey was a guy that continously brought that fire to the ballpark, but outside of him, I didn't really see any last year. Now that Casey's gone, who provides the fire and passion? I just don't see it in this team. In the 1999 squad that had a great year, you had Dmitri Young, Mike Cameron, Casey, Boone, Pokey Reese, etc. All of those guys had their flaws, but they played with so much passion that they almost willed that team into the playoffs. I see bad defense, an inability to hit in the clutch, thin starting pitching, and most importantly, a lack of passion. There should be an urgency to this ballclub to get off to a great start, and I hear them saying it, but I just don't see it on the field