I live in Northeast Ohio, Canton/Akron area so of course the Indians are always on. I have Time Warner cable and recently they didn't renew a deal with the Indians, instead signing a new deal with Sportstime Ohio. So logically, the Reds would start being broadcasted up here on FSN Ohio right? Wrong. I contacted Time Warner and they can only put in a request from me until the company decides to pick up the coverage. So my other options are Extra Innings through TWC (about 60 games subject to blackout for about $130 or so) and MLB.TV for about $80. I was wondering if anybody has experienced the MLB.TV and if it is a better deal than the Extra Innings...i.e. how many games could I get, blackouts, quality, and so on. I'm also trying to figure out a way to produce mass requests to TWC for Reds coverage up here with an online petition or something. Anybody have any suggestions? Somebody please save me from the Tribe and that stupid drum guy.