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What's the immediacy?

The Reds have been in that position for 5 years. They were a lousy team for those 5 years, and they'll be a lousy team for the next couple of years. Arroyo doesn't really change the situation that much.
By himself, of course not. I cannot think of one pitching acquisition, from Mark Prior to Rick Harden to any other young ace you can name that would accomplish that. But then I don't recall any of the supporters of the move have indicated those expectations. All understand that this has to be one of a series of moves to have a significant impact. With the pitching staff in the shape that it is, incremental improvement will have to take place arm by arm. Arroyo is an incremental improvement in the rotation that was exchanged for a set of skills with megarisk of ever paying off that WMP possesses. I'm still pleased as punch we got as much as we did out of WMP. I figured he'd rot on the tree like an unpicked July peach.