I bought the 8 game power pack package to get the opening day tickets and now have 6 pairs of tickets available for the following games:

5/26 vs. Diamondbacks (Fireworks Night)

6/9 vs. Cubs (Fireworks Night)

6/30 vs. Indians (Fireworks Night)

7/1 vs. Indians

7/2 vs. Indians

8/18 vs. Pirates (Fireworks Night)

The seats are located in Section 514 Row B. These are View Level seats, but still have a great view since they are second row and are very easy to get in and out of. I'll take $25 for any of the Indians games ($34 face value) and $20 for any of the other games ($24 face value)


I'll trade for ANY pair of seats (bleachers included) to any of the following games:

5/13 vs. Phillies

5/24 vs. Brewers

6/28 vs. Royals

7/16 vs. Rockies

8/9 vs. Cardinals

8/20 vs. Pirates

Let me know if anyone is interested.