He won't clear waivers. Some personal issues have tainted his career, but those "in the know" will still have faith in him on the hill. i.e. The Red Sox. Reds please don't let him pass!!!

DuBose has a sharp-breaking curveball. While it isn't a 12-to-6 curve, it is very effective because of its quick break. He's effective when he spots it over the outside corner, rather than in the middle of the plate. His fastball usually arrives in the 88-90 MPH range. DuBose knows how to use it to set up his breaking ball and give hitters a different look. His changeup is solid average and he uses it just to show hitters a different speed. He lacks an effective pitch against righthanded batters. DuBose has a good move to first, but is no more than an average fielder.

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