I haven't read much of the game thread, but from what I did there was some EE bashing going on. I was at the game today, and the EE plays were not easy plays. Should he have had them? Yes, but it wasn't like he was blowing easy plays. It would be nice if we had an actual 1st baseman out there, and not a 5'9 DH.

If you are expecting EE to automatically step in and not have his bad games at the field or at the plate, you are sadly mistaken. If you want some bleh guy that is going to not make alot of mistakes, and basically just do his job and be decent, then you better get the Pirates on the phone and get Joe Randa back here.

Edwin is going to make plays and dazzle you with his arm, but then he is going to have games like today. He is going to hit homers and swing the bat well, then he will have games like Opening Day.

He is 23 years old, he is GOING to go through groing pains. It is going to happen. He drove in our only run today, and should have had 2 hits. Yesterday he hit a Grand Slam, it seems as if he is finding his stroke at the plate.

Nobody feels worse right now then EE. I am sure he isn't going around Chicago feeling good about himself. He will learn, and everything about his game will improve. I am sure Jerry will be patient with him, and so should everyone else.

EdE is not the reason we lost today. He was the only one who did anything on offense today, and the fact of the matter is when we score 1 run, we aren't EVER going to win.

/end rant