Chattanooga's rotation may not be swimming in prospects, but, IMO, it's an interesting group. I had a few thoughts on each of the guys in that rotation (and one who isn't) so I figured I'd lump them into a single thread.

Steve Kelly - For a guy like Kelly it's a shame that the majors exist. He's not a prospect, never been a prospect, never will be a prospect. The best he can hope for is a September callup someday. Unfortunately the way the feeder system operates works directly against what would be a sensible career path for Kelly. In a perfect world the Chattanooga Lookouts would sign Kelly to a long-term deal and he'd be the de facto ace of their rotation while the Reds devoted the other available spots to their prospects.

Coming into this season, Kelly had a 2.79 ERA in Chattanooga and a 3.89 ERA everywhere else he's pitched. I daresay he's found a home in AA. If only a AA could sign a guy like Kelly to a decent contract and have him anchor the team for a five-year run or so. He could still be available for callup by the Reds, but I don't see why he needs to pitch in Louisville ever again if the organization could make it worth his while to stick in AA.

Tyler Pelland - He's always been advanced a level ahead of where he should be and once again he's doing nothing to distinguish himself, this time in AA. I think he should be converted to bullpen now (or dealt away). I expect Chattanooga to be his Waterloo, the place where his career as a viable starting pitching prospect ends.

Travis Chick - With every start he's getting farther away from the last time he pitched well (2004). There's been rumbling that his wing isn't very healthy and at this point that would almost be good news as it would provide an excuse for how awful he's been.

Phil Dumatrait - I assume there's something amiss with Dumatrait. He got the first start of the year for the Lookouts, dominated and hasn't taken the mound since then. It's too bad because, though I've never been of the opinion that Dumatrait's going to have a positive impact in the majors, he did bounce back nicely from TJ surgery last season and it would be nice to see him get a shot at the next level.

Edward Valdez - Great start his first time out, but he's organizational filler.

Jung Bong - Proof that throwing left-handed will get you chances you don't deserve. He sucks.

Calvin Medlock - I'm still baffled as to why he's not in the Chattanooga rotation. He hasn't done anything to distinguish himself in three appearances out of the pen so far, but Bong being in the rotation in front of this guy (not to mention Pelland, whom Medlock's outpitched the past two years, and Chick) is ridiculous.