In today's Ask Hal:

Q: I hear the Florida Marlins might be interested in trading pitcher Dontrelle Willis. Would the Marlins take Ryan Freel, Rich Aurilia, Austin Kearns and a minor-league pitcher for him? Mark, Lexington, Ky.
A: The Marlins' payroll is just over $14 million and Dontrelle makes about a third of that. Dontrelle, the pitcher-entertainer supreme, is one of my favorite players and he certainly could spruce up the Reds' rotation. Truthfully, though, I wouldn't trade Freel, Aurilia or Kearns and gut the roster. The way the Marlins are paring payroll, they might take three crates of oranges, 100 bunches of bananas and 20 season passes to Kings Island for Dontrelle.

First of all I'd trade any of those players for a 24 year old Cy Young candidate and secondly, the Marlins wouldn't do it for that. It would take at least four TOP prospects to get Dontrelle. Not Kearns, Freel and Aurilia who all make in the millions.