Allow me lead off by stating this thread is NOT about the individual reporters, their alleged biases or perceived incompetencies, or anything similar. We've had plenty of threads covering all of the above.

Does it seem to anyone else as if the coverage in the print edition has been cut by a substantial margin this year? Anymore the "game story" (regardless of who has the beat on a given day) is never more than two or three, half-length columns on the first page. It rarely covers any actual game action - these days it's a brief feature on the key player, a couple of quotes from Narron, and a two line preview of the next game. The box score used to be at the end of the game story (which continued from the front page), now you have to hunt for it in the middle of all the other boxes on the MLB page. Which, BTW, are so small as to be useless.

I buy a paper downtown as I head to work each day, so it's not as if I'm getting an early edition. I realize that many hardcore fans probably obtain most of their baseball info from the Web...that's the way that most media is going, I guess. I agree that it's much more timely. But for those rare cases when I don't see the game and haven't been able to check online, it would be nice if the city's featured newspaper had enough details to give their readership a good sense of what occured. The current coverage isn't enough to satisfy even a casual fan, IMHO.

End of soapbox. I now return you to your regularly scheduled thread...