I was getting gas today...btw, gas prices are OUTRAGEOUS--$2.799.

What ever happened to $1.79? I'd be happy to pay $1.79...although 2 years ago I'da been ticked to have to pay even $1.79...but I'm off topic.

So as I'm getting gas, I'm looking at the sign with the prices on it...And I'm thinkin' a couple of things...1. Why do they stick the signs way up in the air for interstate traffic to see, boasting their price (which, btw, is the same as everyone else's)? And they do this even if the price is too high. Puzzles me.

But even more...who is the stinkin' guy that came up with the little "9" that get tagged on to the end of all the prices (as in $2.799)? I HATE that.

Why can't it just be $2.80? And the crazy thing of it is...every gas station does it...so nobody's gaining any advantage by using the little nine...but they all have to because everyone else does it. What's up with that?

So...what marketing ploys get under your skin?