I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that today's Reds game was the worst game yet of the year. Yes, a 9-8 loss is the worst loss yet. Not opening day, not Williams, but today's game.

Why? This game was lost on mental errors..the only kind which are not okay. Physical errors, okay, but mental? Thats just poor baseball.

Why the heck do we give Pujols pitches right down the middle...3 TIMES!?

Why the heck does Quinton BUNT when he just hit a home run in his first at bat??

Why can Arroyo hit HR's but not lay down a sac bunt??

Why is Brandon Phillips in the major leagues??

Why did we take out Ross..wasnt he like 2 for 4..to bring in old Javy?

..awful game today. awful.