I'm proposing a trade to a guy in our points-based league.

My roster:

C J. Willingham
1B A. Pujols
2B C. Utley
3B C. Tracy
SS B. Crosby
CF J. Drew
OF L. Berkman
OF B. Hawpe
Util J. Thome
BN N. Johnson
BN J. López
BN C. Granderson
DL N. Garciaparra
SP J. Schmidt
SP J. Papelbon
SP D. Haren
RP B. Lidge
RP H. Street
P J. Borowski
BN E. Bedard
BN R. Harden
BN J. Peavy
DL N. Lowry

My initial offer is Jim Thome and Jason Schmidt for Scott Rolen and Johnny Damon. I don't expect him to accept it, but it will get talks started. Any suggestions on how I could reasonably sweeten the deal?