Simply put, I don't like my team.

IP, W, L, SV, R, HR, BB, K, ERA, K/9

C - V. Martinez
1B - R. Sexson
2B - C. Utley
3B - M. Mora
SS - R. Furcal
OF - J. Bay
OF - M. Holliday
OF - B. Hawpe
UT - J. Gomes
UT - T. Hafner

I like Martinez, Utley, Bay, Gomes and Hafner. Don't mind Sexson or Mora.
I can't stand Furcal, Holliday or Hawpe. Ideally I'd like to have a different SS and 2 new OF's in place of Holliday and Hawpe.

SP - R. Harden
SP - J. Patterson
SP - B. Myers
SP - E. Bedard
RP - B. Ryan
RP - C. Ray
P - J. Papelbon
P - T. Gordon
BN - B. Penny
BN - J. Bonderman

I like all of my pitchers. I don't think I need 4 RP's and I'd like to have 1 bench hitter instead of 2 bench pitchers, but I'm ok with what I have.

Not sure what to do with my team overall. The two SS's I'd want in place of Furcal are Felipe Lopez and Derek Jeter. Lopez is on a team that made a trade earlier this year and I fought with him telling him that the trade was too lopsided and now that owner won't trade with me. I could possibly get Jeter, but would have to give up Furcal and another player. Can't figure out which second player I should give up, and he can't figure out what 2nd player he should give up, and he doesn't want to do a 1-1 of Jeter and Furcal. As for the OF, I can't figure out a way to get a good OF. I've offered Bonderman + Holliday for H. Matsui, V. Wells, C. Beltran, etc, etc with no takers at all. Nobody wants Holliday it seems. Same with Hawpe. Not sure what to do there.

So players I want to or could give up and not have any problems with it: Furcal, Holliday, Hawpe, Bonderman, and Gordon.

Players I'd want to get back: Jeter or Lopez; and 2 decent OF's.

Any thoughts or ideas on how I can do this?