I thought i would make another thread since my grandpa seems to be such a hot topic on this message board

I'm on here to let you all know that when George Grande is announcing the games that is really him, he's not putting on the nice act when he doesn't say bad things about people, he is honestly just an all around good guy. I really wish people would get to know someone before they attack their character! it is one thing to criticize a player if he's not doing his job on the field, it's quite another to criticize a persons character, and frankly is uncalled for when you don't know him, However, the statement that he's always "bashing" the reds, is simply not true! and yes, George is a fan of the Cardinals, he has been since being a young kid, are you telling me if you got a job with another team you would switch from being a reds fan? it's really not like that, if you're a fan, you're a fan, and that doesn't change. Jim Edmonds is his favorite player, as i see some of you have noticed on this board, and i would like to see if you fans were on tape talking about pete rose, or johnny bench would you seem the same way?

All i'm saying is i think you should get to know someone before you tear them down as a person.

hopefully it's something for you to think about.