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No, it was a replay of their opening home game while tonights game was in rain delay. They said the last nights game would start @ 8:00, so they showed the begining of this year's first televised game from 7ish to 8ish. I caught the first inning of the replay before I left, and it was definently Wood pitching. I'm pretty sure it was the home opener, which I know was televised and Wood was on the mound.

Anyways, that neither here nor there, more courious about his throwing motion and if anyone else noticed the jerk right before his delivery. If it was there, is it anything to be concerned about? I guess watch him tonight, and see if you notice it. It could have been a one time thing, could have been the TV angle, or perhaps I was just seeing something that wasn't really there. I'm not even sure if its something to be concerned about.

Aaaah, I understand now.

Having seen him pitch in the game I attended, I believe he had a "pause" in his delivery, but I didn't notice a jerking motion. I'll watch the game tonight to see if I see anything.