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Knock on wood (no pun intended), but mainly I want these guys to remain healthy. They have talent and are still extremely young. After the disasters in recent memory (Howington, Gruler, etc) I'd like to see one of these big names actually make it to the point where we can get legitimately excited.
Exactly! I agree 100%. These guys all have major league ability, they just have to make a little progression each year, and STAY HEALTHY! Rome wasn't built in a day, so just give them some time, and let's see what they develop into in a couple of years. I think they are all pitching well against older hitters. AAA- Germano (23) Ramirez (23); AA- Pelland (22) Chick (21); A+- Bailey (almost 20), and some good college draftees last year, along with Vazquez; A- Wood (19), Cueto (20), Valiquette (19), and some more decent college draftees from last year. So I think there is hope, the Reds just have to be patient.