The Rangers today DFA'd RA Dickey

Dickey supposedly spent the offseason working with Charlie Huff on the nuances of throwing the knuckler. But he got shellacked in his one MLB appearance and didn't fare much better at AAA.

Given what we know about Great American Ballpark - and as the knuckler takes years of practice, according to those who've thrown it in the past - Dickey just picked up the pitch last fall. Is it feasible to take a flier on a knuckleballer like Dickey and expect consistent results?

Maybe it's a question indepentdent of Dickey himself - but simply the idea of could a knuckleballer have any success as a Red with GABP as his home turf? Something a friend and I have been tossing back and forth, given Knucklers tendencies to be flyball pitchers and GABP tendency to swallow whole mediocre flyball pitchers.