"Oswalt is 15-0 with a 2.41 ERA lifetime against the Reds. Last year, he was 4-0 with a 2.03 ERA. His career mark against the Reds is a Major League record for the most wins vs. one opponent without a loss."

Aight. What do we need to do, in order to beat this punk? I think our pataince at the plate and all these walks we are getting so far this season will HELP us this time round against him. However he dont issue very man walks, so we'll have to Create them.

Reds vs Oswalt in 2005:

Reds vs Oswalt in 2004:

Now Dunn seems to have had success against him. Other than that we struggled a bit. Do you all think Newcomers like Hatteburgh and Phillips should be in the lineup so he see's new people that day? Maybe a few that can spark something I feel.

I tell you this though. When we face him on the 28th of this month AT Home, with Claussen on the mound I get a little worried . I can only hope that the Claussen we seen EARLY in the season shows up and not the Claussen who made his last few starts.

Im intrested to see some ideas and discussion about what we gotta do to get a Win against this dude. I REALLY wanna see us beat him!!!!!!