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Thread: How to get outta jury duty

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    Re: How to get outta jury duty

    Quote Originally Posted by Caveat Emperor View Post
    Don't stress too much. Everyone I know who has done jury duty has said it's a really interesting thing to do once.

    I'd love to be called, but I wouldn't last 30 seconds on any criminal jury and probably about that long on any civil jury either.
    I probably wouldn't last long through voir dire myself. I was called once and sat in the main jury waiting room for one morning until the courtroom we were assigned to informed us the case had resolved. I would suggest bringing a book or something to do. A lot of jury duty is spent hanging out waiting to be called. In fact, a lot of courts allow you to call in or check online to see if you need to be there the next day. I've had it happen with my wife and I where we received the notice for jury duty but never even had to show up because so many trials resolved they never got through the lower numbers on the jury pool.
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    Re: How to get outta jury duty

    Quote Originally Posted by OnBaseMachine View Post
    I have jury duty starting tomorrow. I don't want to do it, I've been stressing over it for weeks. I'm hoping I don't get selected...
    I've been called several times, only made it onto a jury twice, one was a lawsuit over a construction worker injured on the job and the other was a criminal case, a drug addict held up a store. You're VERY likely stressing over nothing, but I'm not sure there's anything someone could say that would convince you of that, you just have to go through it.
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    Re: How to get outta jury duty

    I've been called twice. 1st time, my group number never was called, during my week "on call" so I never had to show up. Then just last week I was back "on call". They called a slew of them Monday, but my number was not as they only called the later half of my group. Then the weather hit on Tuesday and they never called anyone else and we were all excused.

    I'd love to be part of a jury, when I'm retired. For now, I'd rather have no part of it. Yeah I suppose its my civic duty, but I'd rather see cases tried by a 3 (or 5) judge tribunal. People who actually know the law and have seen the ins/outs of the trial process and can't be swayed by a lawyer with a nice spin.

    I have a feeling though, that the lawyeres wouldn't want me on their jury though.

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    Re: How to get outta jury duty

    I was brought in for jury duty for a murder case back when I was still a corrections officer maybe half dozen years ago or so. I was questioned by the defense attorney about whether I could be impartial or not given my position as a C.O. I don't exactly recall what I said but apparently it was good enough for him they concluded I was fine to stay in the pool. However while sitting there in the jury box listening to some of the others being questioned I started to feel myself get a bit sleepy. And even though it was just more a passing weariness my mind started to think about the possibility that my Sleep-Apnea could potentially cause me to go to sleep while sitting there in a trial situation. I brought up my sleep apnea to the judge's secretary after they released us from the courtroom for another group and she made me get something from my doctor but they released me from duty because of it.

    I actually would have liked to have served but I also didn't want the embarrassment of passing out in the jury box during a murder trial or worse yet make a decision on a mans life while not in the best frame of mind or not having all the facts because I dozed off for a split second here and there. The moral of this story, sometimes the responsible thing to do is to "get out of jury duty" and let someone who is able (in my case) or willing (in others) do it for ya.
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    Re: How to get outta jury duty

    Well, my jury duty period is now over. It lasted from February 7th to March 11th and I was only called in five days. Four of those days were spent sitting in the Jury lounge staring at the wall all day and other time I was called in for a trail but it turns out I went to school with the defendant so they sent me home. I'm the type of person that worries about everything, and this had me all worked up, but it turned out to not be nearly as bad as I anticipated.

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    Re: How to get outta jury duty

    I served on a jury for a trial of a crack dealer. It was very interesting and enjoyable. I would definitely do it once a year or so if I could. The only downside is trying to have a reasonable, thoughtful deliberation with the mental midgets that make up the rest of the jury.

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    Re: How to get outta jury duty

    I have served on Two Juries. One time I was the Jury Foreman. The Third time I was called I was sent home because they had to many Jurors.

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