So I wrote this little peice for my website and basically it compares Jay Bruce with Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns in their first time around the midwest league. Take it all for what its worth, which is pretty much just a little bit of fun to look at. But I thought I would share it with you guys incase you dont check my site.

I just wrote up a little piece for my website on Jay Bruce and his comparison to both Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns as 19 year old outfielders in the Midwest League. Anyways, here you go.

Jay Bruce, the next Reds stud outfielder?

You know, it is really hard to project players in the minor leagues as far as what they will do in the Major Leagues. It is even tougher to do with a player who is still in Single A baseball. So far this season I have been extremely impressed with Jay Bruce, who is currently playing for Dayton in the Midwest League. He is just a month in, as the minor league season started April 6th and today is now May 6th. Bruce has played in 26 games and has put up some impressive stats at the plate. Throw in the fact that he has been through slumps of 0-18 and 1-15 this season and it really jumps out at you.

Like I stated before, there isnít exactly an easy way to project how someone will be as a major league when you are talking about a player who is still in the mow minor leagues like Bruce is. On the other hand, it sure is fun to compare what a player does in the same league as other guys at the same age. Two of the Reds current stud outfielder, Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns both have played in the Midwest league where Jay is currently playing. Lets take a look at their stats for their season in the Midwest League at the age of 19.
Adam Dunn - 1999 Midwest League Season - Age 19
Year 	AB 	R 	H 	2B 	3B 	HR 	RBI 	BB 	SO 	Avg 	Obp 	Slg
1999 	313     62 	96 	16 	2 	11 	44 	46 	64 	.307 	.399 	.476

Austin Kearns - 1999 Midwest League Season - Age 19
Year 	AB 	R 	H 	2B 	3B 	HR 	RBI 	BB 	SO 	Avg 	Obp 	Slg
1999 	426     72 	110 	36 	5 	13 	48 	50 	120 	.258 	.340 	.458

Jay Bruce - 2006 Midwest League Season - Age 19
Year 	AB 	R 	H 	2B 	3B 	HR 	RBI 	BB 	SO 	Avg 	Obp 	Slg
2006 	104 	18 	29 	9 	2 	5 	18 	8 	20 	.279 	.322 	..548
Now lets say Bruce as man at bats as Austin Kearns did in 1999, that would put him on pace for 37 doubles, 21 home runs and 74 RBI. Will he stay on that current pace? No one really knows, but at least early this season, Bruce is showing some good power in his bat and he is producing runs. Not to bad for a kid who some scouts have said that his bat won't come around for a few years.