I'm trying to research songs written for, about or concerning the Cincinnati Reds.

So far I've found:

"Reds Hot!" (of course)

"Red Stockings Schottish" (Dedicated to the ladies of Cincinnati, Austin, Mrs. Hettie Shirley (m). New York: J.L. Peters, 1869)

"Oh, You Reds: Song And Chorus" (Hendy, Hayden (m & w). Cincinnati, OH: H. Hendy, 1910.
(M1978.S713H) E236789.)

"The March of the Champs" (. Palmer, Will H. (m & w). Cincinnati, OH: The Modern Music Publishing Co., 1941.
(M1978.B2P) Epub. 94202. [Note: The official March of the 1941 Cincinnati Reds.])

Johnny Bench Song Book. (Lovejoy, Add (m & w). Cincinnati, OH: Municorn Music Co., 1971.

[Note: Contains several photographs of Bench and the following songs: The Baseball Song; The Most Welcome Sound; The First Time; Teamwork; Rainy Saturday; South Paw; The Rookie; It's a Girls Game Too! Pizza Party; Victory Song.])

"Cin-c-i-n-n-a-t-i" (Jaffe, Moe (m & w). New York: Mills Music, Inc., 1938.
(M1978.B2J3) Epub. 70669.)

Off the top of anyone's head, do you know of any other songs about the Reds, and/or where I may be able to find recordings of these songs listed here?