Kelly Calabrese was recently catapulted into the national spotlight by accident via Keith Hernandez's on-air remarks, and Renel Brooks-Moon is well-known in the Bay Area as the stadium voice for the San Francisco Giants.

But there are several other women playing key roles with major league teams. According to the 2005 Racial Gender Report Card for Major League Baseball, two women were in CEO/president roles, and 31 women held vice-president positions with major league teams.

In a year when the first woman (Effa Manley) will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, here are five other women with visible roles in Major League Baseball:

Jean Afterman

Afterman, the Yankees' vice president and assistant general manager, succeeded Kim Ng in 2001 to become only the third woman to hold such a role in Major League Baseball. Afterman was instrumental in signing Hideki Matsui and continues to be an integral part of the Yankees' presence in Asia.

Pam Gardner

Gardner, the Astros' president of business operations, is one of only two women to hold a CEO/president role in baseball. Now in her 18th season with the Astros, Gardner oversees revenue areas, customer service, sponsorship and ticket sales, as well as community and marketing outreach programs.

Jamie McCourt

As the Dodgers' vice chairman and president, McCourt is the highest-ranking female executive in Major League Baseball. The wife of owner and chairman Frank McCourt, who bought the Dodgers on Jan. 29, 2004, Jamie oversees strategic planning and development for the franchise.

Kim Ng

Ng is now in her fifth season as the Dodgers' vice president and assistant general manager, one of only two women to hold such a position in baseball (Jean Afterman is the other). Ng became the first woman in major league history to interview for a GM position when she was a candidate for the Dodgers' job, which went to Ned Colletti.

Suzyn Waldman

Waldman joined John Sterling in the radio booth as the Yankees' color commentator in 2005 to become the first woman to hold a full-time position as a major league broadcaster. Waldman was also the first woman to work on a nationally televised baseball broadcast and the first to provide play-by-play coverage for a MLB team.