So I'm debating doing a deal - one that will appear lopsided, but I dont think it's bad at all.

I'm getting killed in my roto only league in saves. Both of my closers have crapped out and my third pickup is now injured, so I need saves badly.

I have an excellent starting rotation(Zito, Kazmir, Peavy, Glavine, Hudson, Dave Bush, plus I have Clemens stashed on the bech for later in the year), so I am pretty sure I can absorb the loss of Peavy, but it's a tough call, considering his track record, potential and age.

I know Hoffman is steady - 40+ saves, 60IP, 50+Ks that I can count on, but giving up Peavy is a lot. I've also asked for a 4th to 6th rounder in next year's draft to balance the trade out. This guy wants Peavy, and has Hoffman to deal.

Peavy will be excellent for a long, long time, but I have no shot to win without saves and everyone else wants to ream me for mid level closers, let alone a top shelf one. The rest of my team is solid

Would you do the deal?