I am currently 3rd in this 10 team 7x7 league. I just traded Travis Hafner for Pedro and Glavine because my pitching was severely lacking, and my offense was my strength.

Current team:

C - R. Hernandez
C/OF - Willingham
1B - Nevin
2B - Vidro
3B - Wright
SS - Reyes
OF - Holliday
OF - Hawpe
OF/1B - Dunn
2B/3B - Lowell
DL - Lee

SP - Pedro
SP - Glavine
SP - Lackey
SP - Buerhle
SP - Buchholz
SP - Haren
RP/SP - Liriano
RP - Nathan
RP - Hoffman
RP - Papelbon
RP - Otsuka
RP - M. Gonzalez
DL - Patterson

I am now trying to move a closer for a bat. I offered Hoffman for Crawford and he countered with Crawford for Papelbon.

My question is, what would you expect in return currently for Papelbon. He is obviously set in stone as the closer for the rest of the year in Boston and will probably save 45+ games. The other luxury is he is SP eligible and allows me to have 4 closers in the lineup pretty much daily.

The team with Crawford is stacked with offensive players, but severely lacks any sort of pitching outside of Webb, Lowry, and soon Wood. He needs pitching very badly. His offense includes Berkman, Figgins, Wells, Crawford, Sheffield, Delgado, Young, N. Johnson, and Mauer.

I'd really like to get ahold of either Crawford, Berkman, or Figgins. What type of offers should I put out for any of those guys? With Liriano supposedly going into the Twins rotation, I am not against adding a SP along with a reliever to obtain one of those guys.

What offers would you feel acceptable?