At 12:02 AM, on my way home from Xenia, I was travelling down Upper Bellbrook Road toward Kettering. Off to my right, I saw something hovering in the air. It appeared to be symmetrically triangular in shape, and had about 16 lights around it's base. Since there were no other cars on the road but me, I was able to stop and watch it. It was clearly hovering, but not moving. After a few seconds, it slowly spun around twice and started moving to my left. I watched it for a few seconds and then carried on. Two minutes later down the road, I saw another one off to my left, a bit further out (or perhaps it was the same one, but I didn't see it travel that direction, so I don't know). As soon as I stopped my car to look at that one, it quickly moved straight up and darted further off behind me, back toward Xenia.

Now, I usually tend to be a rational thinking person, so I'm not going to make any outlandish claims that I can't prove here, but someone please tell me that there is aircraft like what I described.