Posted By Josh Bacott

For those of you that aren't sabermetrics friendly, a commonly used statistic is Value Over Replacement Player or VORP. It's used to measure the number of runs contributed by a player beyond what would be contributed by an average Major League Player. For example Albert Pujols is roughly 30 runs better than your run of the mill average MLB player or basically anyone on the Royals roster.

For Yadier Molina, he is 11 runs worse than an average player right now. Now some (Tony LaRussa) will lay out the standard Mike Matheny theory of horrible offense - "he's so good w/ the staff and defensively that whatever he gives us offensively is a plus." With that in mind, we here at the Daily Redbird have determined that comparing a player like Molina to an average MLB player isn't fair. Instead we've retooled the formula and come up with a new version of VORP especially for the Cardinals struggling catcher - Value Over Regular Person.

This way we're not comparing him to a baseball player, so much as someone who has never picked up a bat.

This week we're comparing him to (stats below):

Kip Winger, former leader singer of Winger

Yadier Molina, Catcher



AVG: .000
OBP: .000
SLG: .000
Songs about a 17 year old girl: 1
Chest hair: Lots
VORP: -10


AVG: .168
OBP: .220
SLG: .218
Songs about a 17 year old girl: 0
Chest hair: Unknown
VORP: +10

Based on those stats, it looks like the Cardinals are about 10 runs better off with Molina than if Kip Winger was behind the plate this weekend. Cardinals fans can breathe easy that the offensive prowess of their catcher is slightly better than a 80's Hair Rock star.