Think this guy is bitter?


From: [] On Behalf Of Lee Sinins
Sent: Saturday, May 13, 2006 9:00 PM
Subject: [ATMREPORTS] Resignation

After giving this matter much consideration, I have decided to submit my resignation from the ATM reports, effective immediately.

I am in the process of a big expansion of my ebay business and was going to announce about a 1-2 week vacation from the ATM reports while I devoted the time that was spent each day on the ATM reports to the other business. I was thinking that, maybe it would then turn into a permanent vacation, but even if it didn't, the chances of finishing out the season were not good and, even if I managed that, this would almost certainly be the final season.

This morning, I decided to make the call that this is it. I will take the next 1-2 weeks and devote the time spent the ATM reports on the other business. But, then when I get the big project that I have in mind completed, instead of returning to the ATM reports, I will just start working the 1 job.

The time has come to stop working 2 jobs when 1 of them is as awful paying as the ATM reports. They have long outlived their usefulness as an advertising arm for the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia. The amount of new business per year that comes from ATM reports subscribers goes down annually. We're now at the point where the job of writing the reports pays at a rate of under a dollar an hour. The days of working 30+ hours per week at that rate and then working the other business are now over.

In almost all of the announcements about new editions of the encyclopedia being available, I have included a message that stated that all of my income came from the encyclopedia and therefore purchases help keep me going, which in term allow me to continue to produce the reports. The evidence is now so overwhelming that I can continue to ignore the fact that almost everyone on the list falls into 1 of 2 categories. Either you already own an encyclopedia or, by not buying it after all of these years, you've made your point that you won't. And it is also not the case that I just don't get many new orders from list members because a decent percentage of you already have it, so you're no longer potential new order customers.

People on the list are speaking very loudly with their wallets that the reports are not worth supporting. It may have taken me a while to get the message, but I've got it. (To those who did purchase, obviously, this does not apply to you. I do greatly appreciate your order and hope you are a satisfied customer and will continue to order new editions. But, I really can't justify working only for the outliers.)

I came very, very close to this decision last year. Last year, I walked over to the surge protector and put my hand on the plug. This year, it's time to pull the plug.

Whether or not you had supported me, I hope you enjoyed the reports.
It is time to move on.