Johnny Cueto-- A 6 IP no-no on top of excellent stats. Less than batter/ inning on base. Is he too short?

Carlos Fisher-- Another out of nowhere prospect/ suspect? String of shutout IP impressive, but his perephials aren't as good as other on the list.

Homer Bailey-- Two great starts, one bad one. Lather, rinse, repeat. Is he a bone fide prospect?

Phil Dumatrait-- Underappreciated among Red fans. Has done very well in AA the past two seasons. Ready for a return to AAA or is he better served to wait for the fifth starter spot in Chattanooga?

Travis Chick-- Finally, a prospect dealt for that is still that a few months later. Has he turned a corner or is this simply early season, small sample size hyperbole?

Daivd Shafer-- 12 saves and a great WHIP. Closer of the future? When is the future?

Paul Janish-- Hitting almost .400, but he's old for the league. Can he pull a Brandon Wood?

Jay Bruce-- Love his potential. Is he the only true offensive prospect in the entire pipeline?

Drew Anderson-- Look up the numbers. He's among the top five Red position players in almost all categories. Is that an indication of how poorly the pipeline has produced or is Anderson the real deal?

Comments? Others I've forgotten?