Liriano is available on my leagues waiver wire. I had him at the beginning of the year but had to drop him due to roster space but now I definitely want him back. My pitching staff is currently:

C. Lee
A. Harang
B. Colon
R. Harden
C. Hamels
A. Benitez
C. Reitsma
B. Ryan
A. Otsuka
D. Sanchez

I don't really want to drop any of them. Possibly Sanchez but doing that would punt holds every week. I'm looking for a little more power, as I'm sure most fantasy teams are. I don't have that much experience doing trades so I'm not really sure about good value and all. I wouldn't mind trading away Ryan, if I could get a decent OF or some player like that. Of course with a trade theres a chance that Liriano gets snatched up before it goes through. Any suggestions are welcome. Sorry for being so clueless.