Is there anyway we could ship off Rich Aurilia, or someone for Carlos Silva and an OK prospect?

Silva has been moved to the bullpen because of Liriano and the fact that he has sucked it up this year.

8.80 ERA 1.70 WHIP

The bad:

He gives up alot of hits, doesn't strike out very many batters, and gives up about 25 HRs a year. (Probably would give up 30 or so in our park)

The good:

Doesn't walk anyone... well, hardly. In 2005 he walked only 9 batters(!!!) in 188 IP. In 2004 he walked 35 in 203 IP. Pretty good. He also has had two good seasons in a row.

2004: 203 IP 76/35 K/BB (2.16) 3.37 K/9 4.21 ERA
2005: 188 IP 71/9 K/BB (7.89) 3.39 K/9 3.44 ERA

Even with his horrible start, I think he could put up around a 4.50 ERA. Maybe not? Does it really matter anymore? Our pitching sucks. I think he can outperform Lizard, Dave Williams, and Eric Milton. Anyone know Silva's salary? I think it would be alright to ship Aurilia off for him if the salaries are close.