i was at the reds vs. phillies game last friday night, sitting in section 143 trying to have a good time, and enjoy the game when i was struck with a peanut! there was extra security in the section at this point after i had spoken with security about this unfortunate event! then in the top of the 9th, a home run was hit directly down the left field line by shane victorino, and the "throw it back chants began" (in left field of course) but all of a sudden a yellow softball was thrown into right field onto the playing surface of great amercan. security was there instantaneously, but no actions were taken towards the group who threw the ball. it was obvious that it came from a row of immature gentleman, but they didn't bother to pinpoint it down to a certain one. if it wasn't obvious enough that this group had done it, as soon as security walked over to have a private meeting by the exit, this group quickly made an escape, hugging one another on there way out of the section, laughing, and giggling uncontrollably. i just think that the security in cincinnati is less than desireable, and i think this problem should be addressed. I mean granted, it was kind of funny, but security had probably 10 people in the section, and couldn't figure out who threw it!

how does everyone else feel?