That's my best guess as to the reasoning behind his thought process...from his blog today.

Veteran lefty Dave Williams was designated for assignment by the Reds on Saturday, and here are all the reasons why it makes all the sense in the world for the Mets to make a deal for him:

• It wouldn't cost them much more than the prorated portion of the $1.4 million he is making in salary. The Reds probably would be thrilled to simply rid themselves of the contract. At a time when the Mets don't want to trade top prospects, and may prefer not to try to count on pitchers who have never worked above Class AA, Williams would seem to be a sound mid-level gamble. If he flames out and continues to struggle -- so far this year, he has a 7.20 ERA -- then it would only cost the Mets a bit of cash.

• Williams is only 27 and he generally has been at least adequate for much of his career, accumulating a 4.56 ERA in his 74 games (66 starts).

• Williams is much better suited pitching for the Mets, in spacious Shea Stadium, than he was pitching in Cincinnati, because he has an acute tendency toward generating fly balls. This season, he has an groundball-flyball ratio of 0.72, and last year, he was at 0.90.

The quality the Mets need more than any for the back end of their rotation is to have someone who is not overwhelmed. Williams might be that guy.