I'm currently sitting here on hold with the 24/7 customer service line for Time Warner Cable. I've been on hold for an hour. I guess they get a lot of calls at this time of night.

I first called them at 2:00 PM today and was on hold for a half hour. When I finally got through I was switching my phone service over to digital phone and had to go through the third party verification system. When they were connecting me to the third party verification system I was disconnected. I called back and was on hold for 40 minutes before getting through and the same thing happened. I had to go to work and tried to call from there. I was on hold for a half hour before I had to hang up when the boss came by. Called back again and was on hold for 40 minutes before I scheduled to have them call me back at home at 7:15 PM, but they never called me. I called and was on hold until 24 came on, and then called back after 24 ended, and now here I am. I have spent most of my day on hold with Time Warner Cable. It is very frustrating. I keep getting this message: "Please stay on the line and a Time Warner customer representative will be with you as soon as possible." It has now been 68 minutes...what is taking them so long?