I'm as guilty as the next Redszoner in wondering aloud whether KGJ still has the range to roam CF. Even so, you have to be impressed by Junior's studly performance this year at the plate. In a sure sign of his productivity, he has now parlayed 22 hits into 25 RBI.

Check out the NL leader boards. No one else among the top 75 batters matches KGJ on that score, except the Cards' Pujols, leading the pack with 54 RBI coming off of 47 hits. All of the other big dogs have fewer RBI than hits.

This suggests: KGJ might have lost a step or two in the outfield, but his offensive skills haven't diminished one iota. He remains among the most elite clutch hitters who deliver consistently when it counts.

It behooves us to find a way to keep him healthy and not have his bat sidelined.

The mantra we should all adopt: Griffey to LF, Dunn to 1B. I know that's probably braying against the wind, but it's a better option than a Redszoner uprising on behalf of instituting the DH in the National League. Heaven forbid!