I like others on here have stated thinks tonights game would be huge to get a sweep. Claussen is on the mound tonight and I always feel really comfortable with Claussen on the mound. Something about the way he pitches just makes feel that he is going to make the other team earn what ever they get. Even though his stats are middle of the road. I was curious what everyone elses feelings are on the current pitchers. Im not talking about stats just the feeling you have right before the game. You know that sick feeling you use to get before Jimmy Haynes starts. Well here is my order.

1)Harang- looks like he has really figured it out, never gets wild
3)Arroyo- I know most probably have him higher but I keep thinking that as the teams see his breaking balls more the will figure him out. Even though in his second starts he has been even tougher against hitters
4)Ramirez- Great composure, love how good he is at fielding his position
5)Milton- The only guy I do not feel comfortable with at all. Too many fly balls too pitch at gabp.

Considering I feel comfortable with 4 out of 5 now that williams is gone that is a huge upgrade from a couple years ago when Paul Wilson was the only guy I looked forward to. Interested to see others rankings