I guess it's a good thing this police officer's wife has nice friends.


A Houston police lieutenant has been relieved of duty because of a misconduct allegation.

11 News confirmed that Lt. Jeffrey Olesen, of Southeast Patrol was relieved of duty Monday.

Olesen, an off-duty Houston police lieutenant, allegedly had sex with two women in a unisex bathroom at Minute Maid Park.

A fan with a young child told police he walked in and spotted the lieutenantís firearm on the counter. Fearing the women were being attacked, he called for help.

It turns out, sources said, the women were the lieutenantís wife and his wifeís female friend.

We have also learned that the 14-year veteran has four sustained IAD complaints for misconduct, improper police procedure and behavior issues.

Administratively, weíre told Olesenís biggest blunder may be that he was instructed to speak with Internal Affairs after the incident, but did not.

He reportedly just left the ball park. That could prove to be an error.

HPD stresses there are no criminal charges at this time.