So, I went to my first ever Reds affiliate minor league baseball game. Had a great time watching the Lookouts face the Smokies outside of Sevierville, TN. Dumatrait pitched - and if anyone was wondering - he looked pretty rough. After three innings, he had a good stat line, but he was giving up rockets all over the field. In the fourth he gave up a grand slam to the pitcher. In retrospect, they probably shouldn't have intentionally walked the 8 hitter who was hovering in the .230 range anyways. Guevara relieved and got slapped around a little but kept additional runs off the board. Kozlowski pitched two scoreless to finish it but even he got hit hard. Most of the hitters looked overmatched except for Votto who was 2-4 with a bomb and was robbed of another gapper by a nice diving catch.

A few questions, for those more astute than I. First, what's the scouting report on Guevara? He has a good statline, but he didn't look overpowering at all.
Secondly, there were at least 3-4 scouts sitting around us behind the plate. My friend and I could read at least two of their guns and both were consistently different and both were also different from the stadium gun. The stadium gun was always slower than both of the scouts readings. What reading are we supposed to trust? The scout guns would often be radically different.