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Thread: Let's all take a deep breath (everyone please read)

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    Re: Let's all take a deep breath (everyone please read)

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaholic
    What mindset is that, M2?
    I thought I made this clear the first time, but maybe not. It's the notion that AnonymousPosters #1-5 are "them" and something needs to be done about "them."

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaholic
    If you consider that behavior petty, shallow or whatever else, once again, your perogative. But it's our perogative to feel like the menality on this board with some posters also happens to be petty, shallow and unpleasant, and that's why some people have decided to voice their displeasure.
    No, they've decided to hold a gripe session behind other people's backs and you've decided that has some sort of place in the public forum. BTW, your use of "our" is speaking volumes to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaholic
    Isn't this question (whether rhetorical or otherwise) basically like the pot calling the kettle black? Here we have a thread of over 400 responses of people voicing concerns and ideas for the forum and because some people may want a better, more comfortable environment they have alterior motives?
    I don't have a problem with people individually voicing their concerns on the public forum. Yet, and your PM list underlines this, for many this revolves around trying to wage a campaign against "them."

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaholic
    Consider maybe the reason there are issues being raised is because they WANT to discuss baseball comfortably and in an environment where they feel they can have a different viewpoint without being criticized and talked down like they don't understand baseball or they are incapable of adapting to a new concept.
    Consider that Redszone is a massive baseball forum that's been doing just that for six years. Are people going to disagree? You bet. Will those disagreements sometimes get terse? You bet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaholic
    Just because these people don't have 20,000 posts don't mean they aren't here for baseball discussion. Just because they're looking for a little more consistency and respect doesn't make them disciples for justice or give any right to question their motives.
    The secret to a a large post count, at least in my case, is that you've got to be able to type fast. Meanwhile Cyclone doesn't have a high post count, yet owns one of the highest rep scores on the board. Why? Because Cyclone has made a number of brilliant posts and put together the Redszone HOF threads this winter (which was a fantastic offseason idea). It seems you're the one judging people (negatively) based on post counts and rep scores, not the other way around.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaholic
    This is exactly the problem. The moderators and administrators tell people to take their issues private.
    Because people should take their individual issues private. It has no place on the public board. From experience I can tell you taking it private works out extremely well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaholic
    They do so and essentially, to no avail. So they share concerns with other people facing the same problems - and that's "petty and shallow" behavior.
    Read what you re-posted again. That's not people sharing their concerns. That's people griping about other people and there's not all that fine a distinction between the two.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaholic
    It's proving everything that's being complained about - for speaking out against the way they are treated, they get branded, labeled and criticized.
    Labeled and branded? You mean like "not having a life?" I've seen a fair amount of labeling and branding here, but it's not coming from the folks you're trying to turn into "them."

    I don't doubt that people's takes have been criticized ... and welcome to Redszone. Though I sincerely doubt they're giving any better treatment than they're getting. You mentioned that you had a -65 rep score at one point and that it was one post that earned it for you. Rep can work for or against anyone on this board and I think it's fair to say that you have first-hand experience as to how the rep system can respond to a particularly egregious post. When dozens of people with no common agenda neg something, it sends a clear message people don't like what that poster has written.

    I think the community policing works for the most part. The community has been given the tools to call out what it considers inappropriate behavior and, clearly, it has used them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaholic
    Funny thing is, there are probably several people that probably aren't speaking out right now for fear of exactly what I'm responding to right now. They know what kind of backlash they would get for it.
    Yes, retribution will be swift and severe. Dude, it's a baseball board.
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