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I don't think Claussen would be any better in the pen than he would be as a starter. His problem is consistancy but then again when Belisle started last year he wasn't that consistent either. Calling up Germano doesn't excite me that much but it saves them from making a 40 man move and going with untested AA arms. So for now i hope Justin has some sucess and something is done about the White, Shackelford, and Mercker triumverate of crappy pitching.
Claussen has had plenty of time to make strides toward being a good starting pitcher. Belisle has yet to have an opportunity to start on a consistent basis. At this point we prett well know that Claussen is an OK 5th starter, but you cannot count on him to be any more than that. Belisle showed signs last year of being at least an OK 5th starter. Maybe his is better than that, and maybe his is worse. I think that the time has come to find out.