MLB.TV Mosaic Update
Beta Release Now Available for Download

Thank you for your interest in the MLB.TV Mosaic. Please accept our invitation to download a first-look beta version of the MLB.TV Mosaic application.
We appreciate any and all feedback, comments and suggestions that you may have. Be sure to include as much detail as possible about items you like or dislike, as well any issues you may experience during the installation or use of the product. If you're technically savvy, we'd also appreciate details about your computer such as its processor speed, memory, video card and internet connection type and speed. Please send your comments via e-mail to
To begin the download, click the download button located on the Mosaic Beta page below.
We appreciate your feedback and look forward to your comments and suggestions.
Quick notes regarding MLB.TV Mosaic functionality:
- The MLB.TV Mosaic tiles are pre-arranged for you.
- The MLB.TV Mosaic video may take a bit longer to buffer than our live MLB.TV video. As more consumers begin to use the product, video will be available faster.
- During commercial breaks in the game, you may notice camera angles being adjusted or announcers talking as opposed to viewing network commercials.
-While using the beta-release of the Mosaic, you may occasionally notice inconsistencies in the video and audio resulting in no sound.
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