Last year, Joey Votto struggled a bit, and made me doubt his "prospect" status a bit, but he seems to have found his stride at AA and very much back on the prospect radar. He is a basically top 10 in most statistical categories in the Southern League right now.

The first question is whether or not this is the real Votto. Now that he has reasserted himself at an upper level in the minors should we all start believing fully in him as the future at 1B for the Reds?

Assuming this is the real Votto, when he is ready for Triple-A and/or the bigs? Plugging Votto in at 1B everyday with his potential to OPS .900 and hit 30 HR looks a lot better than Casey, Hatteberg and Aurillia. I haven't looked but I would think that 1B is easily the Reds worst league-comparison batting position on the field.

I like the looks of this future lineup:

2B Freel/Phillips
SS Lopez
LF Dunn (I know this will be Griffey if he is around, but this is MY lineup)
RF Kearns
CF Griffey/Denorfia
3B Encarnacion
1B Votto
C Whoever